Why do we find many contemporary movies entertaining yet entirely forgettable?

Because we're rarely inspired to stand for a higher cause. I discovered...


Photo credit: Jackson Pollock. (1953) The Deep

About Zi Lem

Outsider stories inspire self-actualisation

ZI R. LEM, an award-winning screenwriter-filmmaker based in Singapore and Portugal is passionate about outsider stories that inspire self-actualisation. He co-wrote the feature screenplay "Sheepwolf" with Arlene Bogna which is based on the true story of the founding of Southeast Asia's largest self-defence movement to protect and empower women. The screenplay won the "Epic Journey" award at Festival Angaelica and has placed in Fade In Awards - True Story/Biopic Competition, San Francisco International Screenwriting Competition, Creative World Awards, StoryPros International, Evolution! Mallorca International Film Festival and Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival. Lem was one of nine volunteers involved in the maiden launch of the World’s first volunteer-driven mission by Singapore to send a man to space, of which he is developing the true story into the feature screenplay "Garage Spacemen". In addition, Zi is authoring the personal development book “Gap Year Asian - Why escape Asia before Uni?”, a socio-anthropological critique of Asian vs Western values written primarily to encourage young Asians to take a year off to travel, discover themselves, and question their purpose in life. Lem is a graduate of the London Film Academy where he studied under Oscar winning directors Asif Kapadia and Pawel Pawlikowski.

In a world constantly inundated with content, do we differentiate ourselves just to stand out?

Or do we stand out because of what we stand for?


The Pursuit of Purpose

INSPIRING THE OUTSIDER within us to self-actualise.


Questions that guide decision-making

1. Are we being Intentional?
Authenticity. Determine Why. Question the default.

2. Are we providing Value?
To the audience, and to ourselves.

3. Is what we do Transferable?
Skills that are applicable to ourselves as individuals.

4. Is what we do Repeatable?
Repeat with significantly less effort.

5. Is what we do Scalable?
Reach more. Make more. With the same effort.